Hog Roast Wickford

Here at Hog Roast Wickford community is in everything we do. Whether it’s with our sourcing from local farms and vendors, or the many franchises we push to local businesses in hundreds of locations across the nation, or just the simple pleasures of providing good communal eating to events. For Wickford we hold your best interests at heart and wish for little more than to be able to put on a show of taste and spectacle for your and all your lovely guests. Hog Roast Wickford is the best caterer in the nation valuing customer experience and relationships.

Our services work to you to ensure that your special days are just that bit more so. Our namesake hog roast is the perfect event dish as its communal style of cooking and serving makes for a high-quality dish that pulls everyone together. No one can deny the exceptional spectacle of our well roasted whole hogs sitting atop our magnificent mobile roasters, and of the deliciousness of their crispy charring and salty meaty tenderness. This is event dining like you’ve never experience before and it is only available with Hog Roast Wickford.

Our special foods are specifically designed to match up to any occasion, no matter the day, location, size, or budget; weddings, corporate functions, town festivals, birthday’s anniversaries, small dinner parties – the list goes on. Hog Roast Wickford has brought back a taste of tradition with our hog roasts and a stylish way to dine long lost to time. Don’t miss out today!

Wondrous Works In Wickford

For us catering and bringing joy to a party of guests is a source of immense pride. We are delighted to be able to provide excellent taste and service to you and yours. That is why Hog Roast Wickford never limits our customers – we will always work to your needs. To help we provide a huge range of different buffet and menu items, ranging from our speciality hogs to salads, canapes, other meats, vegan options, vegetarian, and even glute-free so that no one need miss out on our great taste. Our friendly staff are always more than happy to find the foods to suit your event.

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