Everyone Can Feast On Hog Roast Maylandsea’s Delights

When you choose Hog Roast Maylandsea to cater, you’re choosing culinary experts who always go the extra mile to make sure that everyone invited to your special occasion gets to enjoy our homemade delights, and not just with the signature food that we’re famous for. You may prefer a different meat to be served yourself or you may want to feature multiple meaty mains, and we can cook up a scrumptious storm with a whole English lamb, some free-range chickens or turkeys or some brisket of beef if you prefer.

We also have our very own standalone menus on offer, including our Traditional Barbecue, in case grilled burgers, sausages, ribs and kebabs are more your thing (and this menu also gives you fresh salads and chips). Our Alfresco standalone instead gives you Italian meats, cheeses and breads, followed by a hog roast main and two desserts afterwards, while our Loaded Fries come topped with beef or pork, as well as slaw, cheese and jalapenos for a bit of a kick, and then there’s our Hog Roast Maylandsea Southern Slow Roast, where you get to decide on your three favourite meats from lamb, beef, chicken, ribs or pork, as well as four hot or cold sides from a long list.

Hog Roast MaylandseaIf any of your guests are on special diets, whether by choice or due to food intolerances or allergies, let us know when you book and we can help you to decide on the perfect alternatives for us to make fresh on the day too, such as vegan pulled jackfruit buns with slaw, vegetarian skewers or gluten-free pigs in buns. We want everyone to be able to feast on our food, and with advance notice, we can do you and all of your guests proud, and not just the majority. And in terms of additional food, we give our customers the flexibility to choose from our many canapés, starters, side dishes and sweets,  whether you fancy one or two or a great banquet instead.

Regardless of the menu that you’re thinking of, and whether you need alternatives or supplemental dishes, Hog Roast Maylandsea has got you covered, so call us today to book.