Corporate Catering For Our Repeat Customer With Hog Roast Boreham

Our long-term Hog Roast Boreham customer Bruce often asks us to make our famous pigs in buns for his corporate events, and oftentimes he asks us to spit-roast a different meat, like chicken, turkey, beef or lamb. However, for his most recent function, which we attended this week, he decided he wanted to feature our amazing Southern Slow Roast Menu instead.

Hog Roast BorehamOur Southern Slow Roast Menu gives you and your guests a fabulous amount of variety and choice, as you get to choose three marinated meats from five and four side dishes from seven, and there’s even a veggie option available if needed. For the meat dishes, you can choose from Texan 24-hour beef brisket, BBQ pork butt, Creole pulled quarter of spiced lamb, Cajun-spiced whole roast chickens and fall off the bone Louisiana sticky pork ribs, which are all marinated in our secret recipe rubs and on the day are roasted at a low temperature, slowly for hours on end, and they are even served with special barbecue and hot pepper sauces.

In terms of the sides, you can choose four from mac and cheese, homemade coleslaw, a Greek Salad, a seasonal green leaf salad, corn cobettes with warm melted butter, spicy sweet potato wedges and skin-on jacket potatoes, and the homemade vegetarian dish is our popular grilled vegetable and halloumi wraps with a Tzatziki sauce. No one goes hungry with our Hog Roast Boreham Southern Slow Roast!

Bruce found it hard to choose the meats and sides for this business party, as he wanted to try them all, but we told him he could of course try the others in the future, and he ended up choosing beef, ribs and lamb, accompanied by coleslaw, mac and cheese, jackets and wedges.

On the day of the event at Bruce’s clothing company, our Hog Roast Boreham set up our equipment outside in the grounds several hours before service, and got to work cooking the meats low and slow. The forty guests were served a real treat, and we were complimented by many of them on the great amount of variety that we provided on the day.