Hog Roast for a Local Football Match!

The Hog Roast Woodham Ferrers team got the chance to demonstrate our large-scale catering skills recently when we were asked to cater for the crowd and players at a local football match! The match organisers had been on the lookout for a while for a mobile catering option that was a cut above the usual hot dogs and burgers but wasn’t going to cost the earth. They eventually found exactly what they were looking for when they came across our website and asked us to provide some of our trademark slow roasted pork sandwiches, served with crispy crackling and homemade apple sauce!

Hog Roast Woodham FerrersA hog roast is the ideal way of feeding a large crowd without blowing your budget or compromising on quality and there is always plenty left over for seconds, and here at Hog Roast Woodham Ferrers, we are the local leading hog roast experts!

We arrived long before the match was due to kick off to ensure our ethically-reared pork would be perfectly cooked and falling off the bone by the time everyone arrived. There was a big turnout for the match and our serving table was certainly a very popular destination for the spectators and players alike! We spent a fun afternoon keeping everyone well fed before and after the match, with many people also coming our way at half time as well!

We always love sharing our superior slow roasted pork with as many people as possible and this event for a great opportunity for us to do exactly that! Andy, who had hired us for the day, came over after the match and as he tucked into his third portion of our irresistible pork, he said he had received great feedback from everyone about the quality of the food on offer. So much so in fact, that the football fans insisted that he hire us again, and he agreed with the crowd that our food was definitely on another level when it comes to mobile catering! The Hog Roast Woodham Ferrers team were really glad that everyone loved our pork so much and we can’t wait to come back again next time!