Slow Roasted, Delicious Marinated Meats With Hog Roast West Mersea    

At Hog Roast West Mersea, we’ve spent many years perfecting our menus, and not just our sumptuous hog roasts that we are renowned for, as we often provide many other options to suit varying tastes, appetites and diets. We can provide multiple courses, canapés and side dishes, as well as lots of options for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free guests (and more diets can be catered if needed – just call and ask our team what we can do for you). Plus if your carnivore guests fancy something in addition to or instead of a delicious hog roast, we can make spit-roasted turkey, chicken, lamb or beef, cook you a barbecue of burgers, sausages and ribs, or we can serve our amazing Southern Slow Roast Menu, which gives you three main meats and four sides to boot!

Hog Roast West MerseaWhen Julia asked Hog Roast West Mersea to provide the food for her private party at home, she decided on the latter – our Southern Slow Roast Menu, which she thought would suit her guests perfectly, as they all seemed to want something different to each other. With this menu, you get to choose three marinated meats from a possible five and four sides from a possible seven, and it even features a vegetarian option of grilled vegetable and halloumi wraps, served alongside our Tzatziki sauce, if needed.

Julia asked us to cook barbecued pork butt, sticky pork ribs, spicy lamb, mac and cheese, corn cobettes and spicy sweet potato wedges and to make our homemade coleslaw, and the meats were marinated in our secret-recipe rubs beforehand, ready to cook for hours, slowly but surely at a low temperature on the day of her party.

Our Hog Roast West Mersea chef and catering assistant arrived at Julia’s home on Sunday morning, ready to spend hours watching over the meats as they sizzled away. Later on in the day, we freshly prepared the hot sides and soon they were cooking away, then we made our coleslaw and got all the fixings ready, including fresh bread rolls, wraps and plenty of yummy sauces, and by 3pm, we had a great feast awaiting Julia’s guests.