Hog Roast Great Baddow – Catering For Any Numbers!

Whether Hog Roast Great Baddow caters for a private party, wedding or corporate event, we always do so with the customer’s wants and needs in mind, and all our customers are treated to the same high standards of food and service, each and every time. We’ve spent year after year catering all kinds of special occasions, from birthday celebrations to weddings, engagements and anniversaries, christenings to retirements, school fetes to business parties and so much more, so whatever you have in mind, keep in mind Hog Roast Great Baddow so that your event is a great success.

When Jules called us to book a small party at home with family and friends, she told us she had been recommended to us by a colleague who had loved our hog roast rolls and she wanted to try them herself and also treat her loved ones too. For her back garden birthday party, she had invited 17 guests and first of all, she asked us if we could cater an intimate gathering like this. We can and often do, as even though you may imagine hog and spit roast catering to be all about huge events with hundreds of people, like posh weddings and huge corporate functions, we can cater any number if needed, whatever the location and whatever the weather.

On the day of Jules’ 40th birthday, our Hog Roast Great Baddow chef and assistant set off on a bright, sunny day and arrived at her home early in the morning. We would be serving at lunchtime, as the birthday girl had evening plans to go out on the town, so our feast would be over by late afternoon. After setting up our gazebo, serving table and trusty hog roast machine in the garden, our chef needed to first prepare the meat to be roasted, by scoring it in diagonal shapes, covering it in water to keep it moist and massaging in lots of salt, which makes the crackling. Soon, it was sizzling in its own juices while we kept an eye over it.

By 12pm, all of Jules’ guests had arrived. The meat was resting and ready to be carved, so that we could fill soft rolls with meat and crackling, and top with our own recipe apple sauce and stuffing, then hand over to the hungry guests until they were satisfied.