Hire A Hog Roast Machine From Hog Roast Warley

Whilst Hog Roast Warley started out as a catering business over the years we have become much more than that. We now design and manufacture all of our own equipment from our headquarters in the heart of Lancashire and we now offer our expertise to the public who can actually purchase or hire all of our Hog Roast Warley machines.

Recently we were contacted by Ellen who wanted to look into hiring a machine for use at home. She had been originally planning on booking Hog Roast Warley to come and provide catering at an upcoming event she was planning however after seeing that she could hire and create her own Hog Roast Warley from scratch she thought this was an opportunity she simply could not pass up, and we don’t blame her!

We invited Ellen to visit us at our factory and showroom so that she could get a feel for each of the machines first-hand and have any burning questions answered. We find that by doing this we are often able to help our customers out as it’s hard to envision the size and capacity of a Hog Roast Warley machine until you see it in person. It also allows you a chance to try out all of the machines and attachments so that you get exactly what you are looking for in terms of hog roasting equipment.

For Ellen she immediately fell in love with the Hogmaster Pro machine. This machine is small but mighty and is a compact version of our original Hog Roast Warley machine. Due to its smaller size this machine is ideal for first time caterers as it doesn’t require much training and is very intuitive to use. Despite this it is still capable of roasting a small hog whole or your choice of meat. After showing her the ropes Ellen was all set to take the machine home with her and try it out for real…