Hog Roast Warley Started Enterprise Week With A Bang!

Whether it’s an informal private celebration or an all-important corporate function, we, at Hog Roast Warley, are always honoured to be included in your events. And recently we were invited to attend a pop-up workshop as part of 2020’s annual Enterprise Week.

Hog Roast WarleyThe global initiative, which first took place in 2008 and sees over 10 million people take part every year, aims to start young people on their journey towards financial success by inspiring entrepreneurial drive and dedication. Over the course of seven full days, adolescents and students are introduced to local, national and worldwide activities which have been designed to stimulate innovative thoughts and opportunities for self-growth – all of which, as you can probably imagine, is hungry work! This, of course, is where the Hog Roast Warley team came in.

In the weeks running up to the event, organiser, Matt had gotten in touch with us to discuss arrangements for the day. And, in comparison to previous years, this year’s Enterprise Week was to be drastically scaled-down, with only 30 mask-wearing ticketholders being allowed to attend. Everyone else was to follow along with live-streamed versions of the lectures and exercises, which ensured social distancing measures could be adhered to at all times.

For the day’s menu, Matt had opted to keep things simple with our signature classic hog roast menu, which is renowned for being a real crowd-pleaser – even if we do say so ourselves! Using our reliable catering equipment, our team rotisserie cooks a full-size pig for several hours over a low flame before serving it up with carvings of crispy crackling, homemade sage and onion stuffing and applesauce on gluten-free rolls. At this event, vegetarians and vegans were to be offered our veggie grilled skewers with tzatziki dip, flatbreads and optional chunks of Greek halloumi cheese.

With everything organised and ready to go ahead, the Hog Roast Warley catering crew arrived at the spacious venue on Monday morning where they promptly set up the catering gazebo before making a start on the feast. By lunchtime, the attendees had built up a voracious appetite, which made them even more grateful for the drool-worthy feast!