Hog Roast Canewdon Is Gearing Up For Our First Post-Lockdown Concert!

Gerry, who is one of our regulars, has given all of us here at Hog Roast Canewdon something amazing to look forward to next weekend, and we can barely contain our excitement for what’s to come!

The professional event planner, who has been using our services for about five years now, is due to host a live music festival of sorts for the community on Saturday, which will see a wide range of aspiring artists from all over the UK take to the stage to perform in front of locals, and Gerry has invited us along to serve up some of our lip-smacking treats to the ticket holders.

Having already developed a strong rapport with Gerry, our catering manager, Adam was quickly able to piece together the perfect catering plan based on the client’s usual tastes, which means the guests can look forward to a stunning selection of American-esque flavours from our Southern Slow Roast Menu.

Hog Roast Canewdon Consisting of three tender and juicy meats, each one pre-marinated in our secret recipe rubs before being cooked to absolute perfection in our HogMaster grill and served with a choice of BBQ sauces, fresh and tasty sides, and complimentary bread rolls along with an entirely meat-free option for vegans and veggies, this delightful spread is ideal for pleasing people of all ages – which is a good thing too, because Gerry is anticipating over 400 guests, which will include children, teens, young adults and the elderly. For Hog Roast Canewdon, this event will also be our first post-lockdown concert, so Adam and the team are determined to knock it out of the park (literally!) with our out-of-this-world cooking skills.

The venue Gerry has chosen is at a local park, meaning the event will be completely open-air, so we’re all crossing our fingers that South Essex will be blessed with good weather next weekend. But, should the heavens open up, Hog Roast Canewdon will be ready to protect the food at all costs with our catering gazebo because if there’s one thing we take seriously, it’s making sure that everyone gets to enjoy our irresistible flavours the way they were designed to be eaten, regardless of what the weather has in store.