Hog Roast Maldon Feeding A Very Hungry Rugby Team!

Here at Hog Roast Maldon, we think our truly scrumptious hog roasts can’t be beaten but we also believe that about our other food too and we know our long-term customers would agree. From spit-roasted meat like lamb, turkey, chicken and beef to barbecued burgers, sausages and ribs, or something although different, we have all kinds of tasty meaty mains on offer. Nevertheless, as we know that we need to offer more to make sure that all your guests can eat our tasty food, we also have plenty on offer for any guests you’re inviting with dietary requirements, like vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free, as well as many additional dishes if needed, like canapés, starters and desserts and special menus like our Southern Slow Roast and winter warmer.

Hog Roast MaldonWhen Simon asked Hog Roast Maldon to cater his rugby event, at a sports club, he needed options for both carnivores and vegetarians and he also wanted to make sure that bigger appetites would be provided for. In terms of mains, he decided on our famous pigs in buns, which we make fresh from a local pig that we roast for hours on end until we get a decidedly crispy outer, full of our salty crackling, and a moist and tender inside, with meat that falls off the bone, as well as veggie skewers for the vegetarians, which we make by grilling halloumi and various fresh vegetables and then serve with Tzatziki and pitta bread. In addition, Simon asked us to provide a huge bowl of our homemade coleslaw and piles of our spicy sweet potato wedges, which have a little kick.

It came round to the day of the event yesterday and our Hog Roast Maldon chef and two assistants arrived at the venue a few hours before we were due to serve the sixty guests. Once our gazebo was up, we prepared the pig and set it roasting and before long, it was sizzling away in its own juices. Later in the day, we prepared and made our coleslaw, wedges and skewers, as well as our own apple sauce and stuffing, sliced plenty of fresh bread rolls and then the queues began, with lots of hungry people ready to be served.