Hog Roast Monsale – A Special May Day Event With Hog Roast Monsale

May Day is great because not only is it the official beginning to summer, and not only does it mean some wonderful = celebrations with some of the most brilliant traditions and beautiful customs performed all across the world, but no, it also means a long weekend across the country! And when we’ve got a long weekend you know what that means: time for good food, good drink, and good company at events! And what better away to signal the beginning of summer than with one of the best outdoor dishes around, the brilliant hog roast from Hog Roast Monsale!

After the last few years May Day events have been largely constrained by various pandemic factors, so it was excellent for the Hog Roast Monsale team and our customers to finally be able to throw a proper celebration free of limitations and worry. May Day celebrations are all about the weird and wonderful flourishes of tradition. From huge cultural ceremonies that date back centuries to all sorts of mythical and religious beliefs, to the incredible dress wear that we get from these events and the value of proper practice to celebrate in the right way. As similar purveyors of a traditional style of doing things that sounds just perfect for Hog Roast Monsale!

We were fortunate to attend a couple of May Day events around town, some of which were for the traditional spirit of the day, and others that were just to mark the long weekend with that something more. Regardless of the reason, Hog Roast Monsale were ready to answer the call and bring exceptional feasts to all our weekend’s events.

Hog Roast MonsaleWith this warmer, more summery weather our hog roasts were a perfect addition to events, since they look so much better in the great outdoors. Plus, summer weather also calls for a barbecue which Hog Roast Monsale are more than able to facilitate too meaning we had an excellent time across these events. We cooked in our traditional stylish manner which aided the themes and grandiosity of the day, and of course our huge feasts were the topper to some astonishing May Day ceremonies.

If this is just the beginning of the summer season then Hog Roast Monsale cannot wait to keep on going!