Host an all-day wedding with two meals provided by Hog Roast Upminster

Weddings come in many shapes and sizes, with no two receptions requiring the same catering packages or formality. Because of this, the menus that we offer are customised to suit your taste, allowing you to choose dishes that are ideal for your guest list. Some receptions take place during the course of the day, and these events may require two separate meals. Hog Roast Upminster provide a great all-day catering package, and this is what it may consist of…

Hog Roast Upminster was contacted by Zehra to enquire about wedding catering for an all-day reception. The event needs were discussed with our catering manager Adam and we got to work on planning an ideal catering package. The reception took place at New Windmill Hall on the 16th of October, with this delicious menu!

Hog Roast UpminsterFor the lunch, Hog Roast Upminster prepared catering for 80 guests. We provided our Southern Slow Roast menu, consisting of a BBQ pork butt, succulent sausages, Cajun spiced chicken, and Louisiana sticky pork ribs, as well as grilled vegetable and halloumi skewers for meat-free guests. The meats were served with fresh bread rolls, including a gluten-free alternative. We also prepared a mixture of chips and sweet potato fries. This created a delicious meal for the guests to enjoy, served on crockery for a formal feel.

During the evening, our team prepared mini sausage rolls and chips, served buffet style for 180 guests. This was a great contrast to the earlier lunch and was a delicious addition to the reception. This was followed by our team cutting the couples’ wedding cake and serving it to the guests.

Hog Roast Upminster had lots of fun catering for this event since it was a beautiful ceremony with a great atmosphere! Our catering was a delicious way to compliment the day, by providing contrasting menus for the guests to enjoy.

Whatever style of wedding you are planning on hosting, Hog Roast Upminster have a menu that is ideal for you. To book your catering today, simply let us know your party size, date, and location and we can begin preparing your perfect menu!