Summer catering trends with Hog Roast Ashingdon

Much like clothing and interior design, catering dishes go through trends. The popularity of dishes increases and decreases depending on the year and season, making for trends that are followed by many top restaurants and catering companies. If you are hosting a summer party this year, why not look at what’s on trend to impress your guests? Here is Hog Roast Ashingdon’s take on 2021’s summer catering trends!

Stylish soup

Serving soup as a starter is a great option since it can appeal to so many guests, and it can be a great way to serve fresh and nutritious food that is packed with veggies and goodness. Soup doesn’t have to be plain or boring and this all comes down to the presentation. Instead of a traditional bowl, soup can be served in fancy cups, bamboo bowls or imitation soup cans.

Individual desserts

hog roast AshingdonIndividual desserts are a stylish alternative to large cakes and they can often look much more formal and decorative. Not only are they more attractive, but they can also be much more COVID-19 compliant since your guests will not be portioning one large dessert between them.

Charcuterie boards

Hog Roast Ashingdon have our own spin on the usual charcuterie board, with our alfresco menu. This menu combines all of the traditional elements, such as cuts of meat, crackers, olives, vegetables and a selection of cheeses, but presents them on individual bamboo platters, making this option suitable for large parties and functions.

Fresh fruit

Fresh fruit is the perfect dessert to serve at a summer party and it is even better when the fruit is locally grown and sourced. Your fruit salad can be served with melted chocolate, whipped cream or double cream, to add a hint of luxury to an otherwise simplistic dessert.

Whatever the current trends may be, Hog Roast Ashingdon have the perfect menu- with a dish to please every guest. If you would like more information on how our team would cater for your summer party, or book your date, simply get in touch today. All we need is your date, location and party size!