The Winning Caterers – Hog Roast Tollesbury 

From spit-roasted meats to options for special diets and so much more, Hog Roast Tollesbury can provide a whole range of menus for your special occasion and not just the centrepiece hog roasts that we’re famous for. While our signature hog roasts are loved by many, both locally and further afield, we’ve worked hard over many years to ensure that we can cater for all our customers and their guests and not just the majority.

Hog Roast TollesburyWhether you’re inviting vegetarians, vegans or those with a particular intolerance or allergy, or if you need multiple courses, alternative or additional dishes to satisfy bigger appetites, we’ve got you covered each and every time. For instance, we can serve delicate handmade canapés and refreshing drinks if needed, whip up a delicious homemade option for a particular diet or two, add sides like sweet potato wedges, mac and cheese or various salads if needed, or provide a menu with several courses, including tasty starters and delicious desserts. Whatever your needs and whatever you have in mind for your next party or event, Hog Roast Tollesbury are the ones to call.

In the colder seasons, we also serve our highly popular winter warmer and festive menus, which both give you a choice of meaty main, several fresh vegetables and a potato dish, as well as the trimmings you’d expect, like homemade cranberry or apple sauce, onion gravy and sage and onion stuffing, and with the festive menu you also get cauliflower cheese, pigs in blankets and mince pies. Regardless of the type of special occasion you’re celebrating or commemorating, Hog Roast Tollesbury will impress your guests no end with either of these fabulous menus and you may well be surprised by our prices too.

For an award ceremony that we catered on Wednesday, we were asked to prepare, cook and serve undoubtedly our most popular menu – our famous pigs in buns. After the pig had cooked for several hours, sizzling away slowly but surely, the fifty guests were treated to scrumptious meat, crackling, stuffing and apple sauce, all crammed into soft bread rolls and wraps and devoured with absolute relish by everyone invited, until the hog had been stripped clean.